Interstellar Blockchain Research Sdn Bhd

IBR Sdn Bhd is a solution and service provider for the Blockchain technology as well as modern enterprise software solution. Professionalism, effectiveness, and innovation have always been the core competencies of IBR on software projects of all size and industries.

As a solution provider our experts take over the design and development of the software fitted to your company. Through focusing on software development methodologies like continuous delivery and continuous integration, IBR guarantees that you stay ahead of your competitors whether in administration, trade, in the store, or in the field of social networking.

Through a solid software development process we design your software more easily, economically, efficiently, and precisely to your needs.

As a service provider we holistically and continuously provide consulting services for your software projects. With our products we deliver sustainable growth and significant added value. Good service starts with availability, fast response time, and satisfactory support. We are setting new standards in this area as well.